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English publications

This is the list of my English publications. Publications in the Risk analysis for SMEs tool set are missing here. Most of my publications are in Finnish. See the full list here.

Testing and quality

Product development

  • Vuori, Matti. 2015. Guidance to selecting technologies for project. Lecture for project work course. 15 p.
  • Vuori, Matti. 2014. Legal issues in ICT product development projects - shortly and practically. Slide set for project work course. 45 p.
  • Dande, Anuradha; Eloranta, Veli-Pekka; Hadaytullah; Kovalainen, Antti-Jussi; Lehtonen, Timo; Leppänen, Marko; Salmimaa, Taru; Sayeed, Mahbubul; Vuori, Matti; Rubattel, Claude; Weck, Wolfgang; Koskimies, Kai 2014. Software Startup Patterns. An Empirical Study. Tampere University of Technology. Department of Pervasive Computing. Report 4. Tampere. 1-71.
  • Pirjo Kuhanen, Vuori, Matti, Timo Poranen, Toni Pippola, Ville Kairamo, Roope Raisamo and Jukka P. Saarinen. The new way of teaching a project work - an open innovation platform for students. Poster presentation. EAIR 34th Annual Forum 2012, Stavanger, Norway, 5-8 September 2012. Posteri.
  • Toni Pippola, Timo Poranen, Vuori, Matti, Ville Kairamo & Jarmo Tuominiemi, Teaching Innovation Projects in Universities at Tampere. Presentation in ICEE International Conference on Engineering Education 2012.
  • Pippola, T., Poranen, T., Vuori, M., Kairamo, V. and Tuominiemi, J.: Teaching Innovation Projects in Universities at Tampere, in Proceedings of the ICEE 2012, Part 3 (artikkeli 192, sivu 785).


  • Vuori, M. 2011. Agile Development of Safety-Critical Software. Tampere University of Technology, Department of Software Systems. Report 14. Tampere, Tampere University of Technology. 95. ISBN (PDF): 978-952-15-2595-7 URN:
  • Vuori, Matti. 2008. About agile activity. Merito Forum 13.5.2008. Testing in Software Implementation, Integration and Acceptance

Development of future products and user interfaces

  • Vuori, Matti; Kivistö-Rahnasto, Jouni & Toivonen, Sirra. 2001. Developing of Future User Interfaces. In: Smart machines and systems - Recent Advances in Mechatronics in Finlad. Helsinki University of Technology, Publications in Machine Design 1/2001, p. 345-384.
  • Kivistö-Rahnasto, Jouni; Vuori, Matti & Toivonen, Sirra. 2000. An approach for developing user interfaces for products of the future. MECHATRONICS 2000, Darmstadt, Germany, 18.-20.9.2000, Darmstadt, 2000.
  • Kivistö-Rahnasto, Jouni; Vuori, Matti ; Toivonen, Sirra; Hippula, Arto; Maijala, Pekka. 1999. Future user interfaces are developed today. Automation technology review. s 16-20.
  • Airila, Alanen, Ellman, Haikala, Halme, Holopainen, Meristö, Vessonen & Vuori. 2001. Smart Machines and Systems. Recent Advances in Mechatronics in Finland. Helsinki University of Technology Publications in Machine Design 1/2001.


  • Vuori, Matti. 2002. Usability of high performance digital pocket camera snapping photography
  • Danska, Anna; Vuori, Matti & Toivonen, Sirra. 1997. Product group specific checklists for usability experts. 13th Triennal Congress of the International Ergonomics Association. Tampere, FI, 29 June - 4 July 1997. Vol. 2. International Ergonomics Association IEA. Helsinki. (1997), 331 - 333.
  • The usability of an exercise bike designed for elderly users at home. Danska, Anna; Toivonen, Sirra; Vuori, Matti 5th International Conference on Procuct Safety Research. Barcelona 1997. European Consumer Safety Association (1997), 1 p.
  • Ergonomics of powered hand tools on assembly line work. Rauko, Matti; Herranen, Sakari; Vuori, Matti. Industrial Ergonomics and Safety Conf. '88. New Orleans, La., USA, 8 - 10 June 1988. Trends in Ergonomics/Human Factors V. Ed. by Freydoun Aghazadeh. Amsterdam (1988), 211 - 218.
  • Evaluating and choosing pneumatic screw drivers and nut runners. Työkaluopas. Vuori, Matti; Rauko, Matti; Herranen, Sakari. Työsuojelurahasto TSR; VTT. Tampere (1988), 19 p.

Safe design of industrial systems

  • Koskinen, Johannes; Vuori, Vuori, Matti & Katara, Mika. 2012. Safety Process Patterns: Demystifying Safety Standards. Proceedings of the IEEE CS International Conference on Software Science, Technology, and Engineering (SwSTE 2012), IEEE CS, Herzlia, Israel, June 2012.
  • Timo Malm, Vuori, Matti, Jari Rauhamäki, Timo Vepsäläinen, Johannes Koskinen, Jari Seppälä, Heikki Virtanen, Marita Hietikko & Mika Katara. Safety-critical software in machinery applications. VTT Tiedotteita - Meddelanden - Research Notes, no. 2011, pp. 111 p. + app. 10 p., Espoo, 2011.
  • Vuori, Matti. 2011. Agile development of safety-critical software - while meetings standards' requirements. Presentation in Ohjelmaturva project's end seminar 8.11.2011
  • Vuori, M., Virtanen, H., Koskinen, J. & Katara, M. 2011. Safety Process Patterns in the Context of IEC 61508-3. Tampere University of Technology. Department of Software Systems. Report 15. Tampere, Tampere University of Technology. 128. ISBN (PDF): 978-952-15-2596-4 URN:
  • Katara, Mika & Vuori, Matti. 2011. Agile/Lean & Safety: Perfect Match or Impossible Combination, Presentation at the Seminar on Functional Safety, VTT, Espoo, Finland, April 2011.
  • A hyperbook supported holistic approach to problem solving in maintenance and reliably engineering Holmberg, Kenneth; Vuori, Matti; Toola, Arja; Säynätjoki, Matti. Proc. of the 8th International Congress on Conditions Monitoring and Diagnostic Engineering Management, COMADEM '95. Kingston, Canada, 26 - 28 June 1995. Vol. 2. Rao, B.K.N., More, T.N. & Jeswiet, J (eds.). Queen's University. Kingston (1995), 195 - 202.

Risks and security

Occupational safety

  • Fatal occupational accidents in warehouses and manual materials handling. Tallberg, Tuija; Mattila, Markku; Lepistö, Jukka; Vuori, Matti. Ergonomics of Material Handling and Information Processing at Work. Warsaw, 14 - 17 June 1993. International Ergonomics Association. London (1993), 663 - 666.
  • Developing of an accident information system in a shipyard. Lepistö, Jukka; Vuori, Matti; Maijala, Pekka. Computer-Aided Ergonomics and Safety '92 CAES'92. Tampere, 18 - 20 May 1992. International Ergonomics Association, Finnish Ergonomics Society. Amsterdam (1992), 291 - 297.

Work place design

  • Who is the workplace designer? - Towards a collaborative mode of action Launis, Martti; Vuori, Matti; Lehtelä, Jouni. International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics. Vol. 17 (1996) No: 4, 331 - 341.
  • Good design practice for workplace design - process and tools of development. Launis, Martti; Vuori, Matti; Lehtelä, Jouni. The 12th Triennal Congress of the International Ergonomics Association. Toronto, Canada, 15 - 19 Aug. 1994. Proceedings of 12th Triennal Congress of the International Ergonomics Association. International Ergonomics Association. Ontario. Vol. 2 (1994), 365 - 367.
  • Good design practice for industrial workplaces. How can it be acquired in enterprises. Launis, Martti; Vuori, Matti; Lehtelä, Jouni. NES '93. Nordiska ergonomisälskapet årskonferens. Ergonomic och företagsekonomi. Nådendal, 15 - 17 sept. 1993. Nordiska ergonomisälskapet. Helsinki (1993), 151 - 156.
  • Developing of the collaboration in the designing of workplaces. Launis, Martti; Vuori, Matti; Lehtelä Jouni; Ruuhilehto, Kaarin; Tuominen, Eva. NES Årkonferens 1992. Lillehammer, 23 - 25 Sept. 1992. Nordiska Ergonomisällskapet och Norsk Ergonomiföreningen. Oslo (1992).

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