Acceleration of product development

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Think about what the product development / product design could be when transformed like this:


1. Product developed less

2. Product used by others

3. Re-use the old product

4. Assemble from pieces

5. Focus on the essentials

6. Focus on customer's activity

7. Focus on customer needs

8. Product seen with new eyes

9. Make a general-purpose platform

10. Stripped of unnecessary things

11. Minimize development-time changes


12. Develop the product beforehand

13. Doing things at the same time

14. Change the schedule

15. Change the critical path

16. Skip the bottleneck

17. Generate the product

18. Generate the documents

19. Draws on past projects

20. Add research to projects

21. Reduce research in projects

22. Decentralize jobs

23. Make things yourself

24. Remove self-inflicted deadlines

25. Add new milestones

26. Develop the deficiencies of the process

27. Develop the success factors further

28. Each time a little bit better

29. Try new approaches and techniques

30. Remove waiting times

31. Delete milestones

32. Stop doing testing

33. Combine phases

34. Split large phases and tasks

35. Start earlier

36. Condense time

37. Automate something new

38. Stop doing unnecessary things

Operating Style

39. Do it faster

40. Create buzz

41. Add objectives

42. Delete bureaucracy

43. Change the conception of time

44. Develop a faster culture

45. Stop the problem-solving


46. Use more money

47. Spends a fraction of current budged

48. Resources are managed dynamically


49. Add people to the staff

50. Reduce staff

51. Turn developers into gurus

52. Let anyone do productizing

53. Use users as developers

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