Service business product (B2B) transformations list

Lista: Service_product_transformations.list

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Think about what would happen if the current service product was tranformed into this / this way:

Service Idea

1. Compact form

2. Comprehensive services

3. Orders of magnitude more valuable, most significant ever

4. Change the timing of the service in the customer's mind and world

5. Turn the whole concept upside down

6. Add a creative contribution to the service

7. Vary it

8. Become a subcontractor

9. Obvious

10. Visualize the service idea

11. Modular

12. Think on a clean slate, what is the question really

13. Collaboration

14. Small, small scale

15. Routine


16. Raise the skill level

17. Change the level from bulk to world's best

18. Customer-oriented

19. Ethical

20. Strategic

21. Change the orientation to another: science... service ... consulting ... project... innovation

22. Authoritative

23. Attach to it a certificate, statement, diploma

24. Create leadership to the service

25. Unique

26. More technical

27. More human, warmer

28. Think about what kind of service it would be, if it would happen in the world of F1

29. Make more urgency to the service


30. Change the roles and responsibilities at some process point

31. Simplify the process of service - half the number of steps

32. Turn analytical into experimental

33. Turn experimental into analytical

34. Automate some part of it

35. Remove all the bureoucracy

36. Accelerate the delivery time to one tenth

37. Change the production method

38. Reduce the need for competence and skill

39. Take advantage of the latest communication techniques

40. Self-directed

41. Like a project

42. Having phases

Customer service experience

43. Ab experience

44. Routine

45. Ritual

46. Open

47. Secret, mystical, black box

48. Take the service to the customer's place


49. Simplify the service organization

50. Create a virtual organization

51. Internally networked

52. Externally networked


53. Make it a brand

54. Change the name of the service

55. Point it to another group who influences buys

56. Change the target group

57. Show the customer wholly new benefits

58. Use the customers' terms and imagery of the world

59. Market it in a new media

60. Associate the service with one of the newest trend, some new phenomenon

61. Add a free benefit to the service

62. Act as global

63. Act as local


64. Identify the service's blind spot

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