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Symbolism in our environment of human's mastery of life, and victory over viruses and stuff

Everywhere we looks, there is something that represents humans' mastery over worldly issues, such as storms and coronavirus epidemics, which come and go - but cultures, societies, visions and dreams are unstoppable... This set of photographs is just an exercise in reading the built and natural environment around us. Everything we construct or see represent much more than we even think, as we humans live off meanings and construct them everywhere, whether there is any "logical" reason to do so or not. It's about design, where meanings produce forms and forms produce meanings. Environmental mental self-design! It's all in the mind... No, let's see some glimpses into this (click to larger size if needed):

1) Cranes are icons of development, growth, bright future and rebuilding - things that societies balance things after setbacks of any kind (obviously, epidemics, as of this time):


2) Electricity poles are icons of progress, industrial well-being, freedom from nature, safe society - complete opposite of the world of viruses:

Electricity pole

3) Great buildings are symbols of stability, timelessness, calmness under passing difficulties, pandemics and other crises:


4) Smoke from a chimney is a signal of heat, energy, production, life, survival:

Smoke from a chimney

5) Trees symbolise community, systemic harmony, calm and healthy living - a Zen approach to viruses and stuff:


6) Bridges symbolise human connections, opportunities, promised land, safe passage over troubled waters (so to say) and human ingenuity that will triumph over viruses and other nature's traps:


7) Cars are symbols of independence and freedom through protected mobility; also wealth and status; distance from nature and its effects and limitations. Inside/outside mental model - and viruses are outside, isolated by steel and rubber

Parked cars

8) Finnish lakes are the idea of purity itself. Absolutely clean water, no viruses, bacteria or pollutants - ideally...

Frosen lake

(All shots are infrared photographs, either with 590 or, in the ones with less colour, 720 nm filter; blue and red colour channels swapped.)