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Pulp Parody

Kymmenen vuoden välein kirjoitan dekkari-novellin, joka liittyy johonkin ajankohtaiseen teemaan. Perinnettä on valitettavasti jatkunut vasta kahden kirjoituksen verran, mutta kymmenen vuoden päästä taas lisää...

Kertomukset ovat tietenkin englanniksi - sehän on pulp fictionin natural language.

Every ten years I seem to write a pulp fiction / detective short story dealing with a contemporary theme. The tradition is unfortunately just ten years old, but just be patient... another story will be published in 2011.

These stories are not serious pulp! They are serious humor and serious parody!

·   Accidental Information (1990) is really an inside story - accident information systems aren't everyone's main topic of interest. The story is really about performance measurement and knowledge based management. Or is it about the ethics of software development? Or is it just another detective story with just a computer thrown in? (V.I: Warshawski - the heroine of Sara Paretsky - could get into this kind of situation.)

·   A Web of Lies (2001) deals with the World Wide Web and its impact on society.

The plot of A Web of Lies was developed in 15 minutes in a bar. Here's the receipt to prove it: